11 Tips to Help You Fly with Ease!


When I woke up this morning I checked social media and within just one hour I read 3 different articles about airplane secrets and air travel. And all three of them made me wince and feel uncomfortable. As someone who enjoys traveling and will continue to do so, these articles did nothing for me other than make me more aware of things I already assumably knew. Great! My fears have been validated! Sadly, projecting fear where there was none before is a common tool used to help you stay small, and the writer is most likely completely unconscious to it!

What am I talking about? Well, without getting into too much detail about how we’ve been brainwashed for years, centuries even, I’ll just say this; you are meant to live a life you love. Happiness is your BIRTHRIGHT.  We are powerful beyond our own belief. How else could we create planes, trains and automobiles? We are very smart, very capable and divine beings. Fear does not exist there.

However, if we continue to create movies that instill fear, share news that is fear-based, we will feel fearful of our existence. So, to help end that, and give you a fresh clean perspective, I thought I’d share with you what works for me when I travel and has kept the fear at bay. These tips will help you with flights, seats, packing, and how to stay sane until you get to your destination. Every bit counts and could help change the way you travel.


1. Choose the Flights that Provide Ease

What would be the easiest for you for your journey? Fly direct? Fly early in the morning? Arrive a day early?
Can you sleep easily on a plane?
These are all questions to ask yourself. If you are an early bird and mornings make you smile, perhaps you would like an early flight. If you can sleep on a plane with ease, perhaps a red-eye or night flight would work best for you. Do you just want to get to your destination without interruptions? Choose a direct flight.
Whichever flights would provide the most ease, choose those. You know your patterns, what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t settle for the cheaper flight if it means you’ll be stressed when you arrive. The goal is EASE.

2. Choose Seats You Actually Want

My go-to saviour site for selecting great seats is SeatGuru.com. I simply plug in my flight number, or airline and plane type and voilá; a seat map is generated with a color-coded key to help you choose the best seats! I compare the seats available on my chosen flight with what the SeatGuru map shows, and go from there.
This tool alone could help you exponentially, from choosing a great middle seat (if you had to go that route) to knowing which bulk head has the extra room, to which seat has no recline. I never book a flight without consulting this map first. And, for those of you who  like to please others before yourself, please note that your happiness, especially when traveling is just as important. If you choose a preferred seat and someone asks if you would change your seat to accommodate a family or couple wanting to sit together, you do NOT need to change your seat if the other seat is not a preferable choice. Please, consider this greatly. I have kicked myself in the past for giving up my seat to be seen as a *nice* person, and in return have been miserable on a flight. It’s no fun spending an entire flight beating yourself up when you could be relaxed, honoring your needs and enjoying a good book or movie.


3. Stay Organized 

Ever get to a destination and find yourself digging through your luggage looking for a particular shirt only to completely leave your bag and mind in disarray? Packing cubes are a great solution!
Ebags.com has packing cubes that make it so easy to pack and organize everything. I’ve used these for years and won’t travel without them, even in my carry-on! They have several sizes, so you can pack your undergarments in a smaller cube, t-shirts and shorts in a medium cube and sweaters or jeans in a large cube. This is where rolling your clothes or folding them neatly comes in handy. Packing can now be a fun & easy experience! And when you get to your destination, you can simply pull out the cube that has the clothes you want to wear! Additionally, this makes unpacking in a hotel easier too. You can leave everything in your cubes and simply put them in a drawer or on a shelf, or just pull out what you need for the moment. I’ve also noticed that if I get stopped at security and my bag needs to be opened, the officer rarely opens the cubes; therefore, my belongings remain intact and untouched.

4. Pack Light

How often do you think you need your entire wardrobe on a trip only to discover you didn’t need half the stuff you brought? Additionally, lugging around a heavy suitcase/bag is no fun! So, how does one pack light & still feel good about options? Bring the clothes that are your favorite go-to choices when you are at home and pack for half the time you are staying. So, if you are traveling 10 days, pack for 5. You can likely mix and match your favorite jeans with a few of your favorite tops. And if you can dress up a pair of your favorite jeans, then they do double duty. And ladies, same goes for dresses. Bring the dress you feel sexiest in, the one you wear at home that is the easiest to slip on. You could use it as a day dress, and add jewelry, a belt and nice sandals for a nighttime look. When packing shoes, pack one casual and one dress, and make sure both are comfortable. If you’re headed towards the beach, bring the 1 pair of flip-flops that go with everything! For undergarments, unless you will be staying somewhere that doesn’t offer laundry services, less is more. For toiletries, double bag them or tape the lids closed. Most hotels provide shampoo, conditioner & shower gel, so don’t take them unless traveling to a remote place. And take advantage of the laundry services offered in your hotel. This alone could be the difference between packing a carry-on and checking a suitcase.

5. Dress Comfortably for the Plane

Whatever you pack is just as important as what you wear on the plane. You want to be comfortable, in every way. Layering is great, especially when traveling from a warm climate to a cold one or vice versa. Sometimes the air conditioning will either make or break you on a flight. I typically get very cold very easily, so a fleece jacket or pullover is my buddy whenever I travel. I will also sometimes bring a warm scarf that can double as a blanket. I usually opt for closed-toe shoes, but if I’m traveling somewhere warm and wearing sandals/flip-flops, I bring comfy socks to keep my footsies warm, especially for a long flight.

6. Bring Sanitizer Wipes

Whenever I fly, I always bring hand wipes and/or face wipes, on the plane, and pack them in my suitcase if I check a bag. They always come in handy, no matter where I travel. I never take the hot towels that are offered before a meal. Why? Because 1) the towel is usually too hot to use and 2) you don’t know where the towels were before. Although, after reading the other articles, they say the water is also dirty, so that further validates why I wouldn’t want to use those towels, and especially on my face! I particularly love EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes because they’re organic, biodegradable and have the lovely smell of lavender. And you can use them for anything you want to clean, from your hands to the tray table, and anything in between you feel unsure about.

7. Lock All Your Bags

Whether you’re taking a carry-on or checking your luggage, make sure you lock your bags. And if you are bringing an extra bag (so you can shop at your destination), make sure you have a lock for that bag too. I like the TSA approved locks because they’re “regulated” and have a combination code that you set yourself.

8. Love Your Bags!

Before you leave your home, or hotel, tell your bag(s) that you love them. This might seem silly, but if you treat your bags with love and respect and let them know you’d like to see them again on your arrival, you most likely will. It’s an energy thing. (And your mind is so powerful!)

On the Plane

9. Call on the Angels!

Did you know we have Angels watching over us? Well, we do! And you can call on your Angels to watch over you and protect you while you fly. In particular, you can call on Archangel Michael, the angel of Protection (and especially travel) to seal the plane in white light, protecting all passengers, pilots, flight attendants and baggage for the duration of the flight. Additionally, you can ask that the plane fly in a tunnel of white light from take-off to landing. If your flight hits a pocket of turbulence, again, ask your angels to help smooth it out.

10. Breathe!

Flying can be stressful for many people, so breathing, while occurs naturally, can sometimes be more shallow and shortened when traveling. If at any point in time you feel anxious, take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable and take 5 deep breaths. Or take 10! You will instantly put yourself at ease.

11. Drink Water!

Flights are dehydrating. The air is super dry and already as it is, most of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. While the wine and alcohol choices might be preferred for long or overnight travel to put you at ease or to help you sleep, it will also further dehydrate you. If you do go that route, please drink water too. Your body will thank you for it and it could be the difference between having a hangover when you land versus feeling refreshed and ready to go!


At the end of the day, traveling is truly about trusting yourself. You choose to fly for a reason. Perhaps it’s for work, for a vacation, or flying home to see loved ones. Whatever the reason, trust that your higher-self has guided you, and has helped you choose the best itinerary for your needs. We don’t always know at the time why things happen when they do or for what purpose they serve, so it’s up to you to trust that your soul knows. Having faith and trust in yourself will help you to relax, enjoy the flight and all the processes that go with air travel.

Author: Lisa Eve
Source: lisaeve.com/11-tips-to-help-you-fly-with-ease/