Hi! I’m Lisa Eve & I help you to love your inner soulmate!

Channeling love so you can heal

My name is Lisa Eve, and I am the creator and founder of TheHappyChannel.com.

Just like you, I knew there was more to life than feeling sad, grumpy, and unfulfilled in life. I knew there had to be a way to be happy, and I learned it was through self-love! Not from an outside source or other people’s opinions of me, I knew the source of my joy was within me. So I set out on a journey to discover what I loved and didn’t love about how I was living life! Before long, I was ready to bring The Happy Channel to you, to support you in seeing all the divine and beauty of life, just like I discovered on my journey. The Happy Channel® was initially launched in 2012 as a portal of pick-me-ups and a celebration of human being’s incredible, fun, and exciting accomplishments!

Similarly, as we evolve in life, how we present ourselves and what fuels our happiness changes, too! The Happy Channel is a multi-dimensional path representing the many facets of my work and how I choose to be of service. There is so much that I love to do, be, have, and share with others! I am passionate about; love, joy, feeling well and healthy, loving others, helping others heal and love life, being creative and creating new things, writing, traveling, photography, and connecting with like-minded and like-hearted beings, to name a few! I have so many dreams, just like you, and I am grateful for my love of change and courage to grow!

I love to share the happy, and it is my mission to help you heal your heart, remember your inner wisdom, and delightfully love life!

So, explore! Let’s find your happy! :)

With love and appreciation,

Lisa Eve

To learn more about what I do, aside from The Happy Channel®, please visit LisaEve.com.

*The Happy Channel® was created with the intent of promoting a natural high on life. (Not the use of Cannabis.) It’s pretty awesome to be alive! :)

Some fun stuff…

Where was my first real job?

Does a Camp Counselor-in-Training count? :)
After that, my first gig was at the campus copy center while I was in college.

Daily morning routine?

I start the morning with prayers, journal my dreams, stretching, breakfast, and then it’s full-on with my projects!

How do I stay calm and centered?

Deep breathing, and taking walks in nature is my best form of meditation. Playing music and dancing releases pent up energy and feels good! Trusting my gut also helps to keep me in balance.

What are my greatest accomplishments?

So far, becoming my own hero, living on Maui and Kaua’i, creating The Happy Channel®, launching Spiritual Services, writing a book, becoming a Travel Advisor, launching an e-commerce marketplace, and still alive to talk story in 2022!!

Fave places I've ever visited?

I loved my time on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Visiting Uluru in Australia and star gazing was beyond amazing. I love visiting Jamaica, Mexico, the Maldives, and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few. Next destinations on my list? Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Greece, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines… :)

Top 5 items in my carry-on while traveling?

I almost always travel only with a carry-on and a backpack, so the Top 5 things would be everything I’d need for a two-week trip. The things I know you might not expect;
1. Lint roller
2. Tape (to keep my toiletries in check)
3. A journal
4. Essential oils (Lavender and Lemon are my favorites for travel)
5. A comfortable pair of travel slippers

If my life were a Hollywood movie, what would the title be?

A few of my favorites:
A Sh*tstorm Full of Loving Sh*t
Lightning Love
The Love That Never Ends

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