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Shop Happy! Be inspired to love your life now through uplifting, empowering, and inspiring designs on Stationery, Apparel and Lifestyle Goods! 

RUBY 8 WEAVER was born out of a need to be playful and lighthearted! RUBY 8 WEAVER is a celebration and ode to adults and inner children who need nurturing and love! My adult self is a recovering perfectionist who likes to wear black, loves love, yet enjoys very little playtime! My inner child loves to color, play, and share the love! Can you relate?

I’ve had dreams of creating a marketplace for almost ten years, and even though I failed at my first attempt, the lockdown quiet inspired me to give it a go, again! RUBY 8 WEAVER is about passion, creativity, and our connection. I create inspiring and empowering designs on quality products that we use every day. Most designs have a story, and I weave my love of people into every creation!