Hello! Where would you like to go? Is your preference to relax and chill on your holidays or be active and adventurous? Or, would you like a combination of it all? 

My specialties are to travel and heal; a vacation isn’t just “to get away,” it’s also intended to reclaim my body and my time with joy and fun! Would you like that too?

How can I help you? I can book your retreat, taking care of details like reservations, dinners, excursions, and transportation. 

Do you prefer to travel solo? I can help you with that, too! I’ve traveled solo for more than ten years, and it is a fantastic way to see the world!

Your Benefits to Work with Me

  • I save you time and energy 
  • You can receive VIP benefits not available to the public
  • I have a vast network of connections to get you where you want to go

*Fees start at $100 per person, up to four people. Additional fees apply for excursions and special requests. Groups have different fee rates. Inquire within.

Click below to visit my website, Live Light & Travel.