16 uplifting ways to control your happiness


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Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.

When it comes to making yourself happy, learn what works for you and make it stick. When you are able to do this, everything just seems to fall into place. When you are happy, you tend to be more productive at work, more successful, and healthier.

These 16 ways enable you to control your happiness.

1. Take charge of your happiness

Remember that you control your attitude in any given situation, which ultimately decides how happy you are. It is up to you and not a single other person.

2. Control the controllables

Realize that you can’t obsess over something that you can’t impact or doesn’t involve you. If you want to be happy, get informed of the situation, but don’t fret and stress over these things.

3. Don’t compare yourself

When you are only satisfied when you out-perform someone else or seek their validation, you aren’t the master of your happiness. Feel good about your accomplishments, regardless of others’ opinions or their own accomplishments.

4. Treat yourself

Working hard is important, but you won’t be happy unless you receive pleasure from it. If you don’t allow yourself a reward or break from all of your hard work, you won’t truly be happy. If you give yourself a treat every now and then, you are more likely to be more productive and accurate. Even if it is something small, like a snack break or taking a walk.

5. Exercise

When you get your body to move, you release endorphins that make you feel happier. This hormone allows you to improve your time management, mood, and performance.

6. Don’t judge and gossip

When you judge and speak poorly of others, it is like overindulging. You might feel good doing it, but afterwards you feel guilty and sick. Although it might be tempting to speak of someone negatively, think how you would feel if someone was saying those things about you.

7. Stay true to yourself

Although sacrificing your morals for success may feel satisfying in the short term, it is a surefire way to unhappiness, regret, and demotivation. Know when to stand up for your moral integrity when someone tries to tell you something you know you shouldn’t do. If you feel confused or unsure, take some time to write it out or talk it out with someone you trust.

8. Clear it all out

Clutter can be a factor that relates to the stress we experience in our lives. Do yourself a favor and clean your living and work areas so that you are able to create an uplifting space and a positive state.

9. Help someone out

By giving back to someone, you will feel the benefits of what it means to be charitable. Giving others genuine social support will give you happiness during your own times of stress. If you give, you shall receive.

10. Show your strength

When you are able to showcase your own talents and contribute to a group, you build up your self-confidence and demonstrate feelings of self-worth. By focusing in on your strengths, you are repeatedly doing something you succeed at or at least enjoy. By improving your strengths, you create a constant flow of happiness.

11. Show your happiness on the outside

When you physically smile and laugh, you precede the feelings of happiness. When you find yourself spiraling down a negative path, lighten the mood with a funny video or a joke in order to get yourself back on track.

12. Stay away from the negatives

People who are negative and complain are bad news because they have a pitiful attitude towards themselves and try to suck everyone down to their level. Misery loves company and that is their ultimate goal. Set limits and distance yourself from these people when necessary.

13. Joke at yourself

If you find that you take yourself too seriously, don’t be afraid to simply laugh at yourself. You’ll find that it is humbling and makes you grounded when you are the one laughing at simple mistakes you have made. The happiest people are able to balance self-confidence with humor and humility.

14. Be grateful

Sometimes we catch ourselves stressing over what we are dissatisfied with and what we want out of life versus what we have. To get your mind out of a negative slump, take a step back and reflect on all the good things that are happening instead of the bad.

15. Believe in the best

Realize that your happiness doesn’t just stop. When you have an optimistic attitude, nothing is out of reach. The future stores great things for those who prepare now and are hopeful for it.

16. Pick your battles

Realize that it isn’t smart to try to fight for things that don’t involve us or things that we can’t change. When you don’t have control of your emotions, your following actions can often lead to regret and misery. When you are happy, you know when to engage and disengage.

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