5 Tips for Mothers to Help Balance Work and Family


Sometimes managing the professional and the personal life can be a real struggle and it’s all easier said than done, specially for women.  Many workaholics say achieving a healthy balance between a career and family is impractical and impossible. But looking at a long list of successful working women we will have to say that  balancing your work and family might be tough but its not impossible either.


Finding a healthy balance should be a priority. But there is no single formula to achieve a balanced life. It is a personal decision how one combines career, spouse, children, friends and self into an integrated whole. The key is to develop creative and effective solutions as you approach the challenges of balancing the responsibilities and joys of your multiple roles.

Here are 5 ways women, specially mothers can successfully balance work and family:

Share the load and create a support network.

Let go of the guilt, being the mother does not mean you are alone responsible for the child. Share the load with your significant other, take turns and  relax a bit. Ask for help and allow yourself to be helped and contributed to. In fact if you have older children, involve them and work as a team. Recruit friends, family, neighbors, bosses, work colleagues, etc. and ask for their support.

Be organized

Proper planning and organizing can save you from a lot of worries. Avoid starting the day with hassle, get organized the night before instead. Pack the kids’ lunches, lay out their clothes (plus your own), and get your kids and yourself a shower. Also, decide what to make for breakfast, and repack kids schoolbags, your own purse/bag, so that you can save time in the morning.  Set priorities, work smarter not harder, delegate. Create lists and save them for re-use. Keep a main calendar centrally located to post everyone’s activities.

Stay connected

Long live technology! Staying in touch is just a phone call away, let alone audio calling, now you can easily stay in touch through video calling too. Stay in touch when you’re away and communicate when you’re together. Communication is the key to staying together and not falling apart.

Limit unnecessary activities

Save time and energy, prioritize! Energy saved doing unnecessary activities will  help you spend better quality time on things that are more important.

Be flexible and enjoy quality family time

Realize that in order to achieve success many women have had to give up their original goals and substitute new ones with different but equal challenges. Negotiate for what you need. Spend quality/focused time with your family as it is an essential need of a happy healthy life. Plan outings picnics,  movies and dinners, play games or just sit and talk.  Do whatever you like but do spend time together. 

Source: http://www.aryzauq.tv/
Author: Muna Moini
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