A Book A Day Keeps Happiness At Play

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 We, as a general population, are constantly reading. We read things like work emails, important articles and work-related data. And with technology so prevalent today, we can access those things just about anywhere. But it seems rare nowadays to find someone who reads for fun!As someone who loves reading, making time for the fun stuff is really important to me. Little did I know, reading for fun can actually be a major contributor to your happiness! Reading causes contayour imagination to expand and grow, which allows you to visualize happy thoughts and actions. Visualizing is the first step when working toward a specific goal, so this can help in all aspects of your life.1 Enjoying a story can also inspire you! This inspiration can seep into your daily life and lead you to do new things or go on new adventures?even if that’s just cooking a new dish for dinner.2

I have been a proud bookworm since I was a child, often forgoing common playground activities during recess to sit under a tree and read. The libraries in my elementary, middle and high schools become like my ?home rooms? during my time there. And as an adult, my bookcase is the first thing that goes up when I move into a new apartment. Just looking at it makes me smile because it’s filled with books and memories that I love.


Reading for fun is an easy and unique way to boost your happiness. A lot of people might say they don’t have time but if you set aside just 10-15 minutes every day you might be surprised with how much you can pack into that small amount of time! Whether it’s a fashion magazine or an epic novel, reading for fun will brighten your days and help increase your daily happiness.

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