Aloha Portraits

Creative, Inspiring, Playful

Angelina Hills (photographer of the “Double Rainbow” that has been seen on many versions of The Happy Channel site) was born on Maui and always knew she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. Angelina has her own photography business, Aloha Portraits, and is celebrating life through a medium she is passionate about. She enjoys photographing life’s celebrations whether it be family portraits, weddings, birthdays, fashion, or corporate events.
Aside from photographing people, she has a love for the arts and has been printing her favorite nature photographs onto large canvas Giclee’s for display in homes, offices, restaurants and hotels. The environment of Hawaii and all its beautiful colors and transcendent light makes it a special place to photograph. Angelina wakes up every day excited to be able to make a living doing what she loves in her favorite place in the world, Maui.

Angelina Hills