Become a Happiness Collector

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I am proud to say that I am a happiness collector. My apartment is covered with little souvenirs, trinkets, and a happiness board full of old concert tickets and pictures from trips or special occasions. These items brighten my day every time I look at them. I like to think of it as hoarding happy experiences and putting them on display!

Most of us have a few framed pictures around our homes, but if you take it to the next level and create your own a happiness board, it can really boost your day-to-day happiness! Happiness boards make for amazing home decor because every time you look at them, you are immediately taken back to the pleasant moment or experience each part of your board represents. Plus, a happiness board makes a great conversation piece in your home where you can share your memories with friends. On my happiness board, I have a tattered plane ticket from my very first trip to London, which is my favorite city in the world, framed on my bedside table. Every night I get to re-live that incredible trip and its memories all over again.


But the happiness board doesn’t have to be a ‘board,’ per say. You can collect mementos that remind you of happy experiences and display them around your home! For example, when I go to out to a nice restaurant, I always make sure to grab a matchbook (most restaurants keep them at the hostess stand). I leave them next to my candles so whenever I light a candle, I am taken back to that particular restaurant experience, which is usually of great food and great friends.

The personalized touch of meaningful decorations in your living space is a major mood booster. Keeping reminders of happy moments in your life out and in plain view will make any day a little brighter!

This post was contributed by Emma England