My love for photography began before I even really understood what photography was. I would also take pictures with my mom’s camera around the house until eventually my parents bought me my own cheap disposable camera. The photography process (from composing shots to taking the roll to be developed) even at the age of 10, brought me so much joy. Eventually the disposable camera turned into a polaroid camera, then a starter digital camera and for my 18th birthday I received a Nikon.

I love that the knee-jerk reaction to someone taking your picture is to smile. Having the ability to capture that happiness into something that lasts, and something that you can reflect on later, is extraordinary. 1 Photos can remind of us of good memories like people, places and activities that we love, which in turn increase our daily happiness. Photos are even used in therapy to help people recall joyful memories and the feeling of elation they felt at the time the photograph was taken. 2

Photography has made me more creative and given me a way to foster creativity even in day-to-day life. I don’t consider myself an professional photographer in any way, I just think it’s fun! It’s super easy to point a camera at something that strikes you as interesting and click a button, but as simple as it is, it’s a great creative outlet to have if you need a little pick me up.1 Taking a photo of something you think is cool and then seeing that translated into one-dimensional color and composition is fascinating.

Some think that people spend too much time trying to document their lives these days (i.e. Instagram, camera phones, etc.) rather than just living it. But photography can actually enhance your life and make you happier! Get in touch with your inner photographer this week and make your spirits soar.

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