Celebrate Earth Day!

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Just as you can boost your own happiness by helping other people, you can also boost your happiness by helping your surroundings! By improving the environment you live in, and the earth around you, your day-to-day life will reap the benefits. Here are 5 simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day this year and feel good doing it:

Reduce, reuse, recycle! The age-old mantra of Earth Day can actually come in handy. By buying as little as possible and items that come in minimal packaging, this will cut down on the materials you will be throwing away and increase the amount you will be able to recycle.Visit your farmer’s market! It’s such a happy place to walk around and chat with people, where you can be educated on where exactly the food you are buying comes from. Learning and knowing you’re making a difference will help you feel great!Buy or make earth-friendly cleaning products! Using products that cause no harm to your surroundings, or yourself, will improve your mood because you don’t have to worry about any superfluous chemicals around your house.Walk, hike or ride a bike to work or school! You’ll not only cut down on the amount of pollution being released into the atmosphere, the exercise you’ll get will boost your endorphins and your mood!Go around your house and check all of the faucets in your sinks and bathtubs. With this simple trick you can save thousands of gallons of water per year. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you did something that can actively save the ocean and it’s many inhabitants!

So this year, ‘go green’, even if it’s just for a little while. Even such small changes can make you feel like a superhero! Learning and knowing you?re making a difference in the world you live in can help you live a happier life!

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