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‘Why do you want to paint your bedroom blue? Don’t you think that it will look a little sad?’ This was a snippet of a conversation between my mother and I when we were decorating my new apartment. I had my heart set on painting an accent wall in my bedroom a lovely blue hue but, like most people, associated the color blue with sadness. Well, I’ve got some good news for you blue-loving folks out there?according to a study from the University of Sussex, blue is actually the color of happiness!1

Painting an accent wall in a cheerful or favorite color of yours, or even just adding more of that color around your home, can have a huge affect on your happiness. I’m so thrilled with my blue bedroom wall that I’ve added the color throughout the rest of my apartment as well. It brings me peace and satisfaction.

These little tweaks to your living space can give a big boost to overall happiness! Another great example is adding candles to your home. Just the visual of having candles adds ambiance to a room, which can increase contentment and bring positive energy into a home.2

If you don’t like super floral scents, like many candles made today, go for a more woodsy candle. My personal favorite is the Mousses candle by Diptyque. When it’s burning and I close my eyes, I almost feel like I could be lying in a wooded meadow after a rainstorm. My happy place. Believe it or not, you can now get a cake batter scented candle! There truly is something to appeal to everyone :)


What special details make your home happy? Let us know in the comments!

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