Combining Daily Movement with Inspirational Podcasts for a Powerful Happiness Boost

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Motivation to get out and get active can be difficult sometimes, especially in our exciting, busy daily lives. It’s easy to wonder where we could even find the time! Setting aside space for daily physical activity is very important, and combining this time with positive influences not only ensures that your body gets much needed exercise, it doubles the impact on your physiology and mood, feeding your mind creative, optimistic and motivating content for the days ahead.

What if, instead of forcing yourself to the gym for a set daily routine, you took an early morning walk and listened to an inspirational podcast? Or went for a jog with an uplifting conversation in your headphones instead of your usual music? Would you begin to associate your physical activity with positive, relaxing thoughts rather than the heavy pressure to be “fit?” With so little time to treat ourselves and our bodies to what they really need, combining activities like daily exercise and positive motivation can be an excellent and incredibly powerful way to ensure that we take care of our own personal interests as well as those of work, family and other important aspects of life.

The internet is ripe with podcasts on varying topics, from sports to business to green living to how to get through each day. One of the easiest ways to enhance your mood and condition yourself to enjoy daily activity is to choose an uplifting, creative podcast with tips on how to lead a happier life, appreciate the abundance you have or tune into thoughts you may not normally be aware of. In fact, the three podcasts below are great ways to get started with feeding your mind, and your body, what they need to be in tip-top shape.

Unmistakable Creative, a podcast catered to those who choose to reach deeper than the traditional standards of success and who find happiness in a drive to create, features conversations with a variety of inspirational people ranging from happiness researchers to entrepreneurs to authors to graffiti artists, all focused on finding a more satisfying, more creative way of life.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin is another excellent option for getting started on the road to a well-rounded, healthy life in which it is possible to find happiness both within and without. What better way to start, end, or break up a long day than by listening to a conversation between two sisters on how to choose the methods that will lead you, personally, to a happier life, at home, in business and everywhere else?

Lewis Howes also provides a wonderful guide to leading a life of happiness and fulfillment with his podcast, The School of Greatness. Here, the successful business owner who believes that “Life should be lived passionately, otherwise you’re playing another person’s game,” shares his experiences from being an aspiring athlete to spending nights on his sister’s couch and finally to launching his own seven figure business. Through his podcast, Lewis influences listeners to pay more attention to how they feel in each moment of their lives so that they can successfully reach for greatness and happiness.

Though these are all amazing sources of positive, motivational and inspiring messages, there are countless other options for bringing a bit of happiness and optimism into your day, all available at the touch of a button. Next time you need a break, do a little yoga with a podcast and see how your mind, body and spirit all benefit.