As a naturally introverted person, I love some good ‘me time’. A great book, a thick blanket and a strong cup of tea, and I could be set for a whole weekend! But I am occasionally reminded, and humbled, that even though I covet that alone time, spending quality time with the people you like can do amazing things for your happiness.I went on a short trip recently, and although I would have initially preferred to pop in my headphones and relax in the sun alone, I opened myself up to spending substantial time with friends and family who were there as well. Not just in the sense that we were all there together, but I put down my book/iPod/smartphone and spent time just BEING with them: talking, laughing, exchanging stories.1 Our world moves so fast today that if we don’t feel like we’re ‘getting stuff done’ when with other people, it’s a waste. And that couldn’t be more wrong! After about 5 days of togetherness with a variety of well-loved people in my life, I came back glowing and unable to wipe the perpetual smile from my face. 

Social bonds boost happiness on an exponential level.2 Spending time with people that you like or love can extend to so many different areas of your life. It could be your family or your best friends, it could even be your dog! I totally count my dog as someone I love. So take a timeout this weekend from work or the television and get some quality time with someone in your life. Your new burst of happiness will last for days J

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