“Endorphins Make You Happy!”

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It’s no secret that there is a definite correlation between exercise and overall happiness. It’s been proven time and again, with many studies worldwide about its effects. When I was younger, I hadn’t gotten into exercise enough to really feel those positive effects. Finding an exercise that I truly enjoyed was not the easiest task for me. But recently, I joined a spin gym and it’s had a profound effect on the way I view exercise and physical activity!

Not only do I enjoy the classes, I can practically FEEL the endorphins coursing through my body after an intense workout at Flywheel (my spin gym). I love spinning and cycling classes because they really try to make it fun. Each different instructor has a playlist full of fun, upbeat songs that will keep you motivated throughout the class. My favorite classes tend to be the ones with playlists you really want to sing along to. It’s indoors, so there’s no risk of getting too hot or too cold, and you will feel yourself getting stronger each class. Whenever I leave spin class, I’m always grinning from ear to ear. But if you don’t necessarily get that happy rush from your current exercise routine, there’s hope!

FlywheelAfter realizing how much I loved spinning and cycling classes, but was lukewarm on the idea of running, I got to thinking, what if different types of exercising have different effects on your mental state and happiness? So I did some digging?

According to The New York Times, a high-intensity, fast-paced workout (like spin class) can improve memory and even increase cognitive abilities. A more calming physical activity like yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety, and leads to mental relaxation and bliss. Something that is more in tune with nature, like a leisurely hike, has added benefits as well. You can clear your head and still get the endorphin release you’re seeking.

There’s so many choices to boost your happiness when you workout! What’s your exercise of choice?

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