Epic Maldives Trip

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When I was between the ages of 8-15 years young, I used to receive hand-me-down clothes from friends of my parents who had daughters a little older than me. These friends used to travel around the world, and their kids were popular in school. I was unpopular and my parents were frugal so that meant I had fashionable and famous brand name clothes and accessories to wear way past their expiration date. Even if they weren’t in style anymore, I was just happy to finally have an Il Bisonte® bag or a Champion® sweatshirt.

In one of the bags full of clothes, there was a t-shirt with a picture of a beach and palm tree with the word, “MALDIVES” on it. I didn’t know what that was, what it meant, or where it was. What I was drawn to was the scene on the shirt. Beach? Sun? Palm trees? Sign me up! As a family, the place we visited most that had a beach was Florida, where my grandparents lived at the time. I knew the scene in the shirt was not Florida and I said to myself then, “I don’t know where this is, but one day I’m going to go there.”

On April 28th, 2016, 20+ years later, this day finally came. I had dreamed of visiting since I was little and I wasn’t going to go unless I went full-out! Heck, I am meant to LIVE, so let’s do this! Especially since I had heard the Maldives were sinking. If this was going to be the only time I could visit, better believe I was going to stay at the best place, and at the time, it was #1 on Trip Advisor for all of the Maldives.

This post is a tribute to the place I stayed, Gili Lankanfushi, and the beauty I witnessed all around. I left my heart in the Maldives and I gotta get it, I got-got to get it! Sooner than later, I will be back!

Let’s start with my arrival.

Arrived at Gili Lankanfushi - PARADISE!

The sand was so white and the sea so blue, I was in heaven! I jumped in a golf cart with my Mr. Friday and we continued on to view many different parts of the island, and all areas were beautiful. Entering my private villa was a treat!

Welcome Home

Your own private villa!

All villas have access to the water, and they are very spacious with incredible views! There are 2 levels, not including sea level. You can sleep under the stars, dine al fresco, snorkel under your villa, do downward dog with a view, anything you want, your wish is their command.

You can sit under a thatched roof or under the shade of a palm tree. Choose!

Dining options were plentiful. Dine in your villa, or at the on-site restaurants. For breakfast, you can sit under a thatched roof or under the shade of a palm tree. Choose!

Snorkel Break on Ocean Hammock

Love hammocks? There are plenty at Gili Lankanfushi, including an abundance in the lagoon!

Epic Maldives - Barefoot Luxury

Love the sand under your feet? No problem as it is encouraged not to wear shoes. The only shoes I wore were flip-flops on the jetty, otherwise, I was barefoot or in flippers the whole time.

There was so much to explore and see, and I don’t want to give it all away, so instead I’ll leave your mind to wander…

The icing on the cake, however, was an EPIC sunset – one I’ve never seen like it before! Check out these stills!

It began with one beam of light...

It began with one beam of light…

And then grew wider...

And then grew wider…

And ended with a rainbow!

And ended with a rainbow!

Watch the video and see this EPIC sunset in its entirety!


I will never forget this trip and I’m looking forward to many more in the Maldives. Home sweet home.