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I’ve always wondered why I’m so drawn to quiet spaces. In elementary school, the library was my haven. Nowadays, I tend to wander around museums, gardens and even my local bookstore whenever I need to recharge. I learned recently that there was a reason I was so drawn to these types of spaces. The world we live in can get busy and frantic pretty quickly, so these silent places provide an oasis and peace of mind.1
In silence, our minds become clearer and more open to channels of happiness. During my semester abroad in London, I routinely found myself wandering through Hyde Park’s gardens week after week. Hyde Park is similar to Central Park in New York City, in that it is a giant park full of gardens and lakes right in the middle of a city. The gardens at Hyde Park were my little quiet paradise, away from the fun, and usually loud, shenanigans of my abroad program. Even when it was raining, it was a perfect place to gather my thoughts and just be. I always came back from the gardens with a smile on my face and a joyful mood that lasted for days. And it doesn’t just have to been your surroundings that are quiet for you to get a happy boost!
According to Deepak Chopra, when your mind is silent you are able to access delicate emotions that may be overrun with everyday chatter normally. 2
With a quiet and clear mind you are able to feel more deeply. Feelings of compassion, wonder, love and even bursts of inspiration can arise during this time. It’s probably another reason why people are so happy around the ocean! The tranquility of the waves hitting the shore drowns out the noise of everyday life in a calming way.

Where is your quiet spot to recharge? Don’t have one yet? Take a trip to your local museum or bookstore and feel the happy vibes! :)

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Contributed by: Emma England