Harness That Flower Power!

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This past weekend I did something a little out of the ordinary for myself: I went to my local florist and green nursery. I’ve never considered myself a green thumb, but I’m always up for a new opportunity to learn. People often link flowers to feelings of happiness and joy so I thought I would give it a go!I embarked on this new adventure when I decided that my apartment needed a little life. Something fresh and bright to spruce the place up a bit! Considering that flowers can reduce anxiety and stress while still being a super cute apartment decoration, I thought it was a grand idea.1

The first blooms I went for were a small bunch in an assortment of colors. The bright pink, yellow and purple would go perfectly in my living area, and also happen to be two of my favorite colors. I soon learned that while flowers themselves are pretty powerful conveyers of joy, 2 yellow flowers can help boost your happiness even further! So I decided to get some sunflowers as well. Yellow is a color that is often associated with cheerfulness and optimism so adding some yellow flowers to your living space can definitely increase your daily happiness. 1


I think the flowers make my apartment look cozier and more inviting, which makes sense considering that floral arrangements are often considered the symbol for sharing and emotional connections. 3 Not only are they visually appealing, the natural aroma they give off creates a very homey feel to the apartment.

So far the flowers have led to an overall boost in my happiness and general positivity on a daily basis. I definitely recommend taking a trip to your local florist and exploring some floral options for your environment. And if you’re not a green thumb, there are always fake flowers that can offer just as much happiness!

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