Inside This Bed Is An Even Littler Bed For Your Pet To Sleep In

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Of course you want to sleep with your pet. She is cuddly and warm and (usually) takes up less room than a human.

But the sad truth is that sharing the bed with your cat or dog is bad for your sleep: Research shows the animals disrupt quality sleep with incessant whimpers, meows or physical movement from dreams. They can also trigger allergic reactions.

While science says pets need to stay off the top of your mattress at nighttime, it doesn’t specifically say anything about the side of the mattress. And here lies the solution. Brazilian company Colchão Inteligente Postural designed a bed with an interior compartment for your furry friend in the boxspring, so you can sleep soundly knowing your pet is only inches away.


The pet bed is outfitted with a fancy set of curtains and a soft, silky comforter, promising only the best for your very best friend.


As you can see, your pet’s bed is in close proximity to where you sleep, meaning it’ll be easy to reach down and offer a generous belly rub without getting out from under the covers.


The compartment is incredibly discreet and much more sleek than those cumbersome pet beds that take up space on many pet owners’ bedroom floors.


Undoubtedly, this is the next best thing to having your little pal curled up in the sheets with you.

The company’s website says it deliver in Brazil; we’ve reached out to see if the pet beds will be available in the U.S.

Author: Kate Bratskeir
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