Journal Happy

One of my favorite things to do is Journal. In the evening, I journal to unload my day. It helps me to stop thinking or ruminating so that I can sleep peacefully. In the morning, I journal my dreams because there are often hidden messages of importance.
Do you love to journal, too?

RUBY8WEAVER is an e-commerce shop I launched in 2020, and Journals were the first product I added to my shop!

I think of you and your inner child when I create a design. May you be inspired to write, dream, imagine, and record what makes you feel most alive!

And, by the way, in the FREE HAPPY! section of the menu, you will find Journal Prompts! May they inspire your next novel!

UPDATE! Hardcover Journals are being replaced with Spiral Notebooks! Also new to the shop are flashlight pens so you can write happy wherever you are!
Clicking on an image below will open a new tab on, where you can complete your purchase!

Ruby8Weaver - Spiral Notebooks
Ruby8Weaver - Flashlight Pens