You’ve heard it a million times. ‘Forgive and forget!’ It’s such a common phrase that at this point it seems like a trite notion, never really registering when you hear it. But there is a reason it’s so popular! Forgiveness can pave the way to true happiness. I, unfortunately, am a stubborn person, so I often struggle with granting forgiveness. But I have noticed that each time I do, it’s like a giant weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe deeply again. Harboring negative feelings and mulling over the situation repeatedly may seem like a good way to vent to get it off your shoulders, but I promise you, forgiveness can make you feel happier and lighter than anything else!1

Thankfully, there is a great method for fostering forgiveness if you need help in the right direction. It has helped me grant forgiveness to many people in my life and I am so much happier because of it! It is called REACH. 2

R- Recall what caused the situation.

E- Empathize and try to understand the situation through the eyes of the person at the root of the situation.

A- Altruism can help by remembering a time you are thankful that someone else forgave you.

C- Commit to forgiving. Don’t just think about doing it. Make it happen!

H- Hold on to that forgiveness! It can give you a strength and light that will help you shine every day.

In the words of Elsa, from my new favorite Disney movie Frozen, ‘Let it go!’

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