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One of my favorite pastimes is watching films and television. I have been interested in cinema, acting and filmmaking since I was really young and it has always brought me joy. The act of being completely transported to a different world or a different life is so interesting and exciting, I can’t help but smile.I love being able to settle into my comfy couch with my dog and flip on one of my favorite movies for a night in. This recharges me, both mentally and physically, for the week ahead and gives me the happy alone time introverts like myself often crave. It also provides a social connection to others you wouldn’t normally have that much in common with, like coworkers or acquaintances.1 This link allows you to create bonds over mutual interests with ease and can more often than not (especially in my experience) lead to new friends! :)


Just make sure you’re watching something happy! A couple of my favorite things to watch are Top Chef, which always goes great with a well-prepared dinner, or Love Actually, which brings out the happy-go-lucky romantic in me. You can check out The Happy Channel’s ‘Happy Movies’ section for more great suggestions!

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