Inspiring, Playful

Momolicious – an invented word which can’t be found in any dictionary. It’s a combination of two words: Momo & Delicious!

Momo is my 4 years old golden retriever, stays with me for better, for worse; she’s my baby, my friend, the only blond beauty in my family.

Delicious: Here it is NOT to describe food, it describes the quality of the life that I want to live. Something colorful, tasteful; something juicy, yummy and healthy – a delicious life!

Today I’m going to share with you 3 stories of Momo. If you allow yourself to be inspired by her, learn from her, I assure you a delicious life with unlimited happiness, financial fulfillment and loving relationships!

First story: : Living in the Moment

Momo has neither past nor future, she lives NOW! She won’t stop visiting the dog park just because she was bullied there by 2 aggressive poodles the day before, she won’t worry about where the next meal comes from. She enjoys TODAY, enjoys this MOMENT (refer to the slide that the butterfly kisses her on the nose) Oh my God, he kisses me in the public! He must have a crush on me. Should I behave really cool and play hard to get?

My point is: don’t let yesterday use up too much of today, don’t try to experience tomorrow. If you can focus on TODAY, deal with RIGHT NOW, I assure you the unlimited happiness in your life!

Second story: Highly Focused & not giving up:

Since Momo turned one, she had this new found passion – fetching! Fetching is what she loves, is what she wants, is in her blood!

It’s a fascinating thing to watch Momo fetch. I’m always amazed by how focused she is. When she fetches, nothing in this world matters but that little tennis ball, period! She would scratch her paws to bleeding; she would bump her head badly; she would be the roofer (refer to the slide she jumps up to the roof ) but loose balance and fall very hard. She would do anything, ANYTHING to serve the ONLY goal – catching the ball and bringing it back to mummy.

What we should learn from Momo reminds me the book I read: Talent is Overrated. The book says which Momo demonstrates that people are not born to be natural talents. If you can commit 5000 hours to the field you are passionate about, highly focus on practicing and learning from the failure, you can be the talent in that field and it sure will bring you the financial success!

Third story: Unconditional Love

Momo knows LOVE, she gives love, receives love and transforms her environment into love! Momo is a 90lbs love machine!

All these years she’s been there for me through all the tough times in my life. Rubbing her big fluffy head is the best therapy, helps me find the truth and faith of life.

She is not shy receiving love either, leans against your laps to ask for a pat, laid down on the floor to ask for a belly rub, brings her toy to you to ask for a play. She doesn’t consider if it’s the right time or if it’s appropriate. She just asks for it, she will be very happy if you give what she wants, she will be sad if you don’t. Either case, no bad attitude at all!

The most amazing thing is she trains you to love! She hates conflicts, yells and cursing, she senses the bad energy and runs away to hide under the table. She encourages people to give, to love. People who know her well, all know the interesting story that she insists on visiting the garage in my building every day after each walk, because the guys work there are friendly to her. Those guys, they don?t have the dream job, but they are happy and loving people.

If you can learn from Momo, give love generously, receive love like you deserve it, attract love into your life, you will enjoy the most beautiful, loving relationships around you!

So here are the tips for a Momolicious life:

–          Living in the moment = unlimited happiness

–          Highly focus on what you do, do not give up = career  and financial success

–          Loving unconditionally = great relationships

The quickest way to achieve all these is: get a dog!

Want a shortcut? Babysit Momo ANYTIME that you want!!

This post was contributed by Lisa Qu