What is a Property Clearing?


Everything is energy, and objects, as well as land, holds energy memories. Just like you clean a home, to rid countertops and dishes of dust, dirt, or food, or wash your clothes, energy needs to be purified too.

Why would you energetically clean a home, business, or land? To maintain a feeling of peace. To restore your energy footprint (not the previous owners, construction personnel, service people, or guests) to your home or business.

As long as you are the energetic owner (or renter) of the property or have permission from the owner to do a Clearing, we can move forward.

Please fill in as much information as possible on the booking form when you are booking the session. Lisa Eve will contact you after the booking to schedule a call to verify the information you entered. The call will be 10-30 minutes. The clearing will be done remotely after the call, and Lisa Eve will follow-up by email.

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Remote Property Clearing: $222

Benefits of a Property Clearing
  • Sleep better
  • Have clearer thoughts
  • Feel more balanced
  • Reclaim your space (from the previous occupants)
  • Feel more protected
  • Provide a more neutral/positive space
A Typical Clearing Can Remove
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Negative Energies and Entities
  • Earthbound Spirits and Ghosts
  • Toxic Emotional Energy
  • Psychic Arrows
    and more!