Scents & Your Happiness

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Scent is the sense most strongly linked with happiness and other positive emotions. Certain smells are able to evoke feelings of joy and serenity, and even evoke happy memories from your past. When I was young, my mom wore a designer perfume that was both floral and musky. It was a very strong, very particular scent. She stopped wearing it years ago, but now whenever I smell that certain perfume I am transported back to the happy, care-free days of my childhood and I am always left smiling.

According to the Huffington Post, smelling a specific scent can influence your emotions and actions in a powerful and positive way. For example, flowery scents can cause you to be more chatty, smiley and sociable while scents like fresh-baked bread can increase your kindness to strangers.


Keep a perfume or a candle with a scent that reminds you of a happier time in your house. Whenever you spray the perfume or light the candle, the smell will take you back to that time and instantly lift your mood. Don’t know what scents to aim for when buying something fragrant to boost your mood? has 5 scents that positively affect your body & mind to help get you started:

1.     Peppermint: boosts both your mood and motivation

2.     Spice Apple: reduces blood pressure

3.     Lavender: reduces stress and relieves pain

4.     Cinnamon: makes you have kinder reactions

5.     Coffee: reduces stress


Sniff your way to a happy day!