Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud

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Doctors have explored the link between music and emotions for years. We are hardwired to interpret and react emotionally to music. Certain music, and it’s different for every person, can actually make you happy. More than just lift your mood, listening to music involves most parts of your brain, which produces an engaging experience. The temporal and frontal lobes work to decipher the sound with other brain cells processing pitch, melody and rhythm, and depending on what you’re listening to, can also create a joyful reaction.


For me, a song that never fails to make me smile is ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow’ from the Broadway musical ‘Annie’. Something about the combination of its cheerful melody and hopeful lyrics just gets me. Hearing that song can instantly turn my day around. Not into musicals? Find a song that floats your boat. It could be a rock song or a country song or anything in between. As long as it makes you happy when you hear it, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Personally, I can’t help but instantly get happier when I hear Pharrell William’s new song, ‘Happy.’ Listen to it now and see how it makes you feel! YouTube link:

Bonus points: actively seeking out happiness through music can improve your health and your relationships. It reduces stress and increases positive thinking. How cool is that!?


I urge readers to make a whole playlist of songs that make you smile and you can whip it out anytime you’re feeling less than stellar. It’ll perk your mood right up! Happy listening :)

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