Sunsets Bring Happiness to Light

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Images of nature in all forms seem to inspire happiness in people. From rolling hills and blue ocean waves to bouquets of flowers and snow-capped mountains, photos that depict the beauty of Earth’s diverse nature are always at the top of the list of images that make people happy. Lately, I’ve noticed that sunset shots are often the most well-received and awe-inspiring of the bunch!It’s easy to see why. The stunning array of colors and larger-than-life quality are definitely eye-catchers. Each sunset can look different, which I think is a beautiful thing when you think about how different our world is. It makes sense! Personally I love it when you can’t necessarily see the sun’s orange orb, but instead the entire sky is illuminated in a breath-taking pink hue. My brother prefers the sunsets that look like they’ve lit the skyline on fire in rays of bright orange and red. There’s something about taking a moment of your day to stop and watch the sun go down, and appreciate the pure splendor that nature is providing us. It’s a very moving experience and always brings a smile to my face.


In fact, watching a sunset can actually benefit your emotional well-being! People who feel connected to nature report being happier on a daily basis. Appreciating a sunset can also allow you to be a more empathetic person. The positive emotions connected to beautiful displays of nature can lead to being happier around others. 1

People often seem to singularly connect sunsets to the beach, but a striking sunset can really be captured anywhere! And there’s often no sunset more beautiful than the sunset of your hometown.

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