The Beauty of Watching Sunsets

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There is something truly magical about a sunset. Aside from the fact that sunsets symbolize the day coming to a close, they’re also undeniably beautiful. I recently was blessed with moving into a condo overlooking the ocean in Long Beach, CA. The ocean has such an incredible calming effect on me, but surprisingly the ocean view has not been my favorite part about my new home. The insanely gorgeous sunsets I witness almost every night since I’ve lived here have truly changed my life. I don’t think I ever appreciated a sunset the way I do now. I really take the time to notice them now. It’s a beautiful moment to reflect on my day and how I am feeling. It’s my own personal sunset time! I started to realize what a wonderful impact watching the sunset has made in my life, and I wanted to share it with our readers in hopes you too will take time out of your day to watch the sunset more often. It’s made me realize how fascinating this world truly is. Across the whole big wide whole, every one of us watches the same sun dip out of sight each night. That’s pretty cool!

So enjoy the magnificence that is Nature, and the world we live in! It’s beautiful!