The beginning of your day is possibly the most important because it sets the tone for the whole day. And if you’re a student or adult, your days probably start on the earlier side. Forbes says that people who wake up early and happy experience awesome benefits like having higher grades, being more proactive, and having time to exercise (which means you’ll get all those great endorphins!)

In addition to looking for the positive in every morning, whether it’s watching a spectacular sunrise or enjoying a breakfast with friends, there are a few immediate changes you can make to your morning routine to ensure a smiling face as you rise for each new day!

Wake up happy with these suggestions:

Surround yourself with bright colors! Seeing vibrant hues first thing in the morning gets your adrenaline going and lends you an extra burst of energy. Choose colors like red, orange and fuchsia!Throw open your windows! Letting the natural sunlight stream in will signal your body’s biological clock that it’s time to get up and about. Sunshine also causes your body to produce melatonin and serotonin, which encourages wakefulness and boosts your mood.Turn on some happy tunes! If you listen to uplifting music every morning, your mind will associate those positive vibes with waking up.Visualize the day ahead. What do you have to look forward to today? What is the best thing that could happen? Visualize all of the things on your to-do list and how you will get them done. It makes it easier to face them with a smile on your face when you have a game plan.Read! Instead of turning on the TV and computer, read a newspaper or a chapter of a book to get your gears going. It will stimulate your mind and ready you for the tasks of the day. Just make sure it’s happy news or a book you are enjoying :)

With these tips, you can wake up every morning on cloud nine!

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