A surefire way to increase happiness would be to take a vacation. When I say ‘vacation’, your imagination may wander to some exotic island with palm trees and lots of sun, or perhaps to a bustling cityscape with endless activities. Both great options for a vacation! But would you be surprised if I told you that you don’t actually have to TAKE a trip to get the happy benefits? Well, it’s true!According to a recent study in Applied Research in Quality of Life, the biggest boost of happiness occurred during the planning stage of a vacation1! Think about it: you’re picking your destination, where to stay, what to do, with so many exciting options at your fingertips. Unlike an actual vacation, the possibilities are truly endless while you’re planning a getaway. Wanna go to Fiji? Sure! Check out the best rated hotel on the island and browse their spa list. Or maybe you’re in the adventurous mindset of an African safari! Read up on all the animal excursions they offer. In your mind, anything is possible.


It’s no secret to my friends & family that England is my favorite place on earth. I frequently plan imaginary trips across the pond and it makes a huge difference in my happiness levels. I often find myself looking at flats, or to all you non-Brits ‘apartments’, in London and keep a running list on my phone of all the new restaurants I want to eat at in the city. It can lift my spirits on any given day!

Even with the most relaxing vacations, the happiness you get from planning the trip greatly exceeds the days that follow the trip. 2 So if you can’t make it out of town anytime soon, get happy by planning your dream trip! In your imagination, the sky is the limit…

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