What Does Peace Really Feel Like?

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Meditation and mindfulness can benefit us in ways we’ve never imagined, including better sleep, increased productivity and general happiness all around! Lately, there seems to be a lot more information being shared on how to go about finding inner peace. Whether you seek out books or speak to those with experience, guides to finding inner peace are more accessible than ever before. Issues that may have once been answered with “work harder” or “try this new trend,” are more and more often now resolved by ancient methods of finding calm, happiness and peace that have more to do with our inner thoughts and sense of balance than any external factors.

Of course, just because we can easily figure out how to grasp inner peace doesn’t mean we always know just what it is we’re looking for. Even if we do, it’s easy to lose sight of a goal that can take discipline and practice to achieve. These mere mortals have had a taste of what it is we’re all aiming for, and it’s clear from their descriptions that inner peace is worth the wait…

“Finding inner peace is like pure joy; the essence of it is bliss.”- Jill Magso

“Peace feels like oneness, unity, connection with all that exists and acceptance of every moment as being perfect.”- Dr. Marilyn Joyce

“‘I rode that wave and didn’t feel like I existed. The wave was there; I was there; we were together.’ That really is the feeling, that feeling of merging with an energy that is much greater than yourself.”- Jaimal Yogis

“Peace feels, to me, like the way sunlight is when it’s dappling through the trees.”- Adam Markel

“Peace is a walk on a sandy beach, with the blue ocean in front of me.”- Caroline Wong

“It feels comfortable. Like the world is wrapping around you.”- Ken Dubner

“Inner peace is a quiet evening moonlight walk in the soft falling snow of our minds.”- Wes Adamson

“Inner Peace can be as simple as letting go, and resting under the shade of an old tree.”- Casey Kochmer

“You become the center, radiating your soul’s light outward, rather than reacting, or waiting for situations, relationships, and events in your life to be arranged in such a way that you have peace.”- Sanya Roman

“Peace feels all-encompassing. It’s this deep inner stillness that’s also all-encompassing. It can receive all. It can hold all.”- Niurka

“What peace feels like to me is a deep sense of being at home. It’s a feeling that I’m always held, guided and loved, and all is right in the world.”- Marcia Wieder

The Peak Potentials organization recently asked several high-earning individuals what peace felt like, and set their answers, all listed above, to music. Even without the digital effects, imagining these feelings is uplifting, and the music only adds to the feeling of…well…peace.

What does peace feel like for you?

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